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Prof. Bugaev Lusegen Armenakovich


Selected publications
Project: Plasmonic nanoparticles
Project: Zeolite active centers
Project: Iron-based nanoparticles
Developed HFampl software

Head of the Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Physical Faculty of Southern Federal University, Professor, Doctor of Science.

Foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

Expert of Russian Academy of Science.

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Office Phone: +7 988 544 77 52
Fax: +7 863 297 51 20


Scientific Title: Professor of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Ministry of Education, Moscow, Russia, 1999

Doctor of Science (Condensed Matter Physics) St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1992. Title of thesis: "Potential effects and effects of electrons scattering in the formation of X-ray absorption spectra of atoms in compounds and angle-resolved spectra of Auger- and photoelectrons emitted by the surface atoms".

Ph.D (Condensed Matter Physics) Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, SU, 1982

A.B. (Physics, X-ray Spectroscopy) Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, SU, 1976

Professional History

Head of Department of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Physical Faculty of Southern Federal University (former Rostov State University), 2007 - present

Professor at Physical Faculty, Rostov State University, 1993-2007

Senior Research Scientist at Institute of Physics, Rostov State University, 1983-1993

Junior Research Scientist at Institute of Physics, Rostov State University, 1976-1983

Research Interests and Experience

Condensed Matter Physics. Computational Physics. Physical Chemistry. Determination of atomic and electronic structures in disordered, amorphous and nano materials by methods of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XANES and EXAFS), X-ray Photoelectron (XPS), Emission (XES) and Optical Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction. Modeling of local atomic structures in materials by Molecular Dynamics and DFT methods. Study of atomic structures and optical properties (localized surface plasmon and lattice plasmon resonances) of plasmonic nanoparticles and their 2D- and 3D-arrays in glasses, formed by UV laser radiation or temperature treatments. Atomic structure and mechanisms of formation of active centers in Zeolites under external treatments. Atomic structure and room-temperature organic ferromagnetism of dopped Nanographene clusters in Carbon nano- and micro-spheres. Atomic structure and room-temperature ferromagnetism of Iron-Cementite nanoparticles in Carbon matrix. Atomic structure and catalytic properties of bimetallic nanoparticles PtM (M-transition or noble atoms) in PtM/C electrocatalysts.

Professional Activities, Awards

Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council in the specialty "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials" at the Southern Federal University (RF).

Member of Specialised Senate (Condensed Matter Physics) for considering theses on degree - Doctor of Science, 1994 - present.

Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation

Member of International XAS-Society.

Grant of the University PM Curie, Paris 7, 36MCF0227, 1997

Project manager (since 2009):

  1. Russian-Armenian project of RFBR - State Committee on Science of the Republic of Armenia, № 18-52-05004 "Creation of new functional nano-materials based on iron compounds with carbon shell for high-efficiency magnetic hyperthermia of malignant tumors";
  2. Russian-German project of RFBR - DFG № 14-02-91334 "Metal nanoparticles prepared by excimer and solid state laser irradiation in silicate glass: dependence of atomic structure, strength of interaction with matrix and properties of nanoparticles upon their sizes, spatial configurations and the preparation procedures";
  3. Russian-Armenian project of RFBR - State Committee on Science of the Republic of Armenia, № 15-52-05051 "Room-temperature molecular ferromagnetism in nickel and cobalt phthalocyanines doped by alkali metals";
  4. Project of RFBR № 14-32-50840 "EELFS spectroscopy of carbon systems on Ni(111) surface: formation of graphene and intercalation of gold";
  5. Project of RFBR № 12-02-90902 "Synthesis and study of room-temperature ferromagnetism of nickel phthalocyanine doped with alkali metals";
  6. Project of Southern Federal University № 213.01-24/2013-120 "Metal-carbon platinum containing nanostructured electrocatalysts: governance of multi-level structure, development of methods for samples characterization, increase of catalytic activity";
  7. State task for scientific research in 2012-14 years, № 2.5905.2011 "Study of multicomponent compounds of noble and transition metals by methods of X-ray emission, absorption and photoelectron spectroscopies";
  8. Project of the Federal Target Program "Development of Scientific Potential of Higher Education 2009-2011", № 01201174668 "Development of theoretical and experimental methods in the study of materials by X-ray spectroscopy and their application to diagnostics of atomic and electronic structure of materials and nano-objects under extreme conditions".

University Activities

Courses Taught

Ph.D Thesis Supervision

  1. Levin I.G., 1988, "Multiple-scattering effects and the problem of electron potential choice in XAFS-theory of solids".
  2. Alekseenko I.B., 1997, "Ab initio calculation of crystals EXAFS and its role in the determination of atoms displacements in ABO3 compounds".
  3. Sokolenko A.P., 2001, "Determination of local atomic structure parameters in crystalline minerals, consist of low-Z atoms, using their XANES spectra".
  4. Zhuchkov K.N., 2002, "Determination of small displacements of atoms from the ideal positions in perovskite type crystals by EXAFS".
  5. Rusakova E.B., 2004, "Coordination environment of Ti in glasses and radiation-damaged compounds determined via the Fourier-transform analysis of Ti K-XANES".
  6. Latokha Ya.V., 2005, "Investigation of metal-atoms coordination in zeolites and silicate glasses by the Fourier-transform K-edge XANES analysis"
  7. Avakyan L.A. , 2009, "Fourier-analysis of energy restricted X-ray absorption spectra in local atomic structure determination for amorphous and disordered compounds"
  8. Kozinkin Yu.A., 2011, "One electron potential model for 3d-metals Cu, Ni, Co, Cr and atomic structure of Co nanoparticles"
  9. Soldatov M.A., 2012, "Application of Synchrotron Radiation to study the local atomic and electronic structure of aqua solutions of acetonitrides, Co ions, Pd nanoclusters and Au compounds"
  10. Pryadchenko V.V., 2014, "Atomic structure of PtAg/C nanoparticles and electronic structure of PtO2, PtCl4, PtS2 and Au2S compounds"
  11. Srabionyan V.V., 2016, "Atomic structure of single-component Ag, Pd and bimetallic Pt/Cu nanoparticles by EXAFS"
  12. Kolpacheva N.A., 2019, "Synthesis and atomic structure of nickel nanoparticles in phthalocyanine matrix and platinum nanoparticles on ceria support"
  13. Skidanenko A.V., 2019, "Structure of plasmonic Au and AuAg nanoparticles formed in glass by UV laser irradiation"

Scientific achievements:

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